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I  am an aerialist, dancer, fire performer, writer, artist and circus freak! My first loves are art and dance. I still doodle every now and then.

My life has been an adventure of sorts, and I'm discovering new things about myself everyday. I love and am inspired by aesthetically pleasing art forms. My personal artistic goal in life is to bring dance and the circus arts to refugee camps and people around the world who have no way of experiencing these incredible art forms. After all, if there is no art in the world, how can we see beauty, or have hope?

I have a background in ballet and modern dance, and I recognize good form and lines when I see them. I have a deep respect for sports and art forms where you do not see the effort behind the movement, because they require so much more skill and discipline than the average jock sports.

I'm available for performances at parties and company events.  Contact me to discuss your event/project and what you're looking for.

Besides having a knack for morphing into any character required, I am also:

  • a freelance writer and have been published
  • a rather accomplished cook (according to people who have tasted the fruits of my random wanderings into the kitchen) ;)
  • very adept at web-surfing and online research
  • proficient in PowerPoint presentations, Excel and Microsoft programs
  • an efficient administrator and organized with paperwork
  • an incredible gift-wrapper and have been known to produce pieces of art using gift-wrapping paper during the holidays
  • great at producing sketches (portraits are my favorite)
  • wonderful with animals and kids, and just people, in general!

 One of my favorite quotations which has somewhat become the mantra of my life these days is:

"Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart into it, take yourself out of it." - Hardy D. Jackson

Go with love and light, and have a fabulous day, because that's what you're meant to have, today and everyday!




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